Use of electronic signature in HR: Digitization of documents and processes of personnel departments

Today, digital transformation and efforts to streamline business processes do not bypass even HR departments. One of the key technologies that has the potential to transform HR professionals’ day-to-day operations is the electronic signature. In the following lines, we have prepared information for you on how HR professionals can implement and use electronic signatures in their practice.

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Electronic signature in HR

Employees of human resources departments encounter real situations and challenges every day, where digitization and electronic signature can provide effective solutions.

As an HR specialist and your agenda, you can digitize almost all documents that in some way regulate the relationship between the employee and the employer. In connection with the electronic signature, it is primarily the electronic delivery of important documents that relate to the creation, changes and termination of the employment relationship or remuneration, for example:

  • employment contract and all types of agreements (agreement on the performance of work, agreement on work activities, agreement on part-time student work) and their amendments,
  • payroll, where the employer records data on employees for each calendar month,
  • handover protocol, or confirmation of acceptance of the entrusted object by the employee, agreement on material responsibility,
  • confirmation of completion of training (e.g. fire protection training, OSH training),
  • information on the processing of personal data,
  • internal guidelines and several other labor law documents.

There are two options for electronic signing of documents governing labor relations:

  • signing the document on a tablet and delivering it to the employee directly at the workplace,
  • signing a document with a qualified electronic signature, which both parties must have set up.
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… some types of documents, such as a unilateral resignation from the employer, cannot be signed remotely? However, a digital signature made in person on a tablet is admissible.

How will the NFQES portal help you?

NFQES is a comprehensive SaaS platform that will help you optimize and secure your electronic communications. It will serve you not only as a comprehensive tool for digitizing and streamlining B2B communication and communication with the state administration, but it will also facilitate communication with your employees.

Through the platform, you can also sign documents with the legal certainty of a notarized signature, even in bulk and without attaching an ID card. NFQES eliminates the need to be physically in the same place as a single copy of an employment contract or other document:

  • you can sign documents from anywhere, through a web portal or mobile application,
  • you don’t have to send them printed by mail and wait for the other party (for example, an employee) to send them back to you,
  • thanks to the signing history, you always have an overview of what and when you signed,
  • all this safely, in accordance with the strictest safety and quality standards.

However, the portal allows you to create all levels of electronic signature – from digital to advanced to qualified electronic signature. Depending on your needs, you can combine several types of signatures within one document.

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Our tip: For advanced integration of selected functions of the NFQES platform into your own personnel system, we have prepared our own API. We will be happy to help you implement more demanding services that allow you to digitize the processes associated with signing as part of our Enterprise solutions, which can be implemented directly at your place or operated on our side.

The integration of an electronic signature in HR brings several advantages

Electronic signature and its integration into HR practice brings many benefits, primarily:

  • speeding up the recruitment and onboarding process of new employees,
  • simplifying the management of contracts and documents, including their archiving,
  • ecological sustainability and cost-effectiveness,
  • strengthening security and compliance with legislation.

The online environment is simply faster and more convenient. Automating signing and digitizing HR processes contributes not only to saving time and administrative costs, but also to improving overall efficiency. An electronic signature can greatly simplify your agenda, which is why it is gradually becoming an integral part of modern HR processes and at the same time contributes to a safer HR future.

If you are interested in digitizing your HR processes, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialists will be happy to advise you on how you can use electronic signatures in your company.

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