Advanced electronic signature

Advanced electronic signature (AdES) is equivalent of improved electronic signature and provides a higher level of authentication, trustworthiness, and unambiguous proof of signature by the relevant person, as its use requires a certificate for electronic signature issued by us, as a certification authority according to the eIDAS regulation. Thanks to such verification, the electronic signature is identified with the physical person who signs with it. Start signing with an improved electronic signature online in NFQES and increase the legal certainty and credibility of your documents!

What can i use advanced electronic signature for?

Due to the level of legal certainty, the advanced electronic signature is suitable for:
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Legal contracts and agreements

Important legal documents such as purchase agreements, leases, cooperation agreements and others can be signed with an AdES online, if such transactions do not exclusively require a qualified signature level.

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The advanced electronic signature can be used in banking for financial services for signing loans, leasing, credit agreements and other financial documents.
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The use of an improved electronic signature is possible when signing a wide range of documents that require a higher legal certainty of confidentiality and control, such as signing purchase and sale contracts, bank transactions and various official documents.
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An improved electronic signature is often preferred for international business transactions where specific legal requirements and international standards must be adhered to.

What are the benefits of signing with an advanced electronic signature?

Multi-level and multi-party identification

International Advanced electronic signature requires reliable identification of the signer, which means that it is more suitable for documents where certainty about the identity of the signed parties is required.

Higher legal 

The AdES has greater legal validity in many legal systems and is accepted for a wider range of legal documents and transactions, including important legal contracts and agreements.

Guarantee of authenticity and integrity

The process of creating an AdES is built on higher security and ensures the authenticity and integrity of the signed document, which is useful for documents that may contain sensitive information and are susceptible to changes.

A wide range

The advanced electronic signature can be used in a variety of industries including law, banking, real estate, healthcare, utilities, and commerce.

Reduction of paper bureaucracy

Eliminating the need to print and physically sign important documents can lead to a significant reduction in paper bureaucracy and the need to store and archive paper documents.

Faster approval and increased security

Enables instant signing of documents online, which speeds up the process of approving and concluding various contracts and transactions. In addition to quickly signing and sharing documents, systems offering AdES are equipped with multiple security features to help protect documents from unauthorized access.

Graphic representation of signature levels

NFQES leves of signature - advanced electronic signature

How do I sign with an advanced electronic signature?

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In accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation

We are a trust service provider registered in the European Trusted List and our solutions are fully compliant with the European regulation 910/2014 on eIDAS. Certificates issued by our company meet strict data protection and identity verification requirements, are legally recognized and acceptable. They can therefore be used as evidence in court, throughout the European Union.

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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

*Certificates can also be purchased separately at an excellent price.

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