Qualified electronic certificates

Qualified electronic certificates are qualified digital credentials with the highest level of security and legal recognition that verify the identity of the certificate holder. They are issued only after a verification process and provide robust cryptographic keys to secure digital transactions and communication.

Benefits of qualified electronic certificates

Kvalifikovaná elektronická pečať

Highest security

They are built on strong cryptographic algorithms, use QSCD devices, or in the case of remote signing, a qualified two-factor authentication method.

Ikona certifikačnej autority KEP

Legal certainty

Qualified identity verification before the certificate is issued ensures the highest level of legal certainty.

Ikona používateľského uchovania elektronického podpisu a pečatí

Ease of use

As part of NFQES solutions, in addition to classic certificates stored on QSCD cards, we also provide fully qualified remote signing, which significantly simplifies use and increases efficiency.

Ikona šetrenie nákladov


Our remote qualified certificates are more cost-effective compared to qualified electronic certificates stored on QSCD cards.

Ikona Časová pečiatka


Ideal for businesses that require fast and easy methods of document approval and electronic verification.

ikona záruky autenticity a bezpečnosti


Suitable for high-risk transactions, communication with public authorities, e-commerce, and confidential communications.

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Legal recognition of qualified electronic certificates

eIDAS certifikácia
We are a trusted service provider registered in the European Trusted List, and therefore, our solutions are fully compliant with European Regulation No. 910/2014 on eIDAS. Certificates issued by our company meet strict requirements for data protection and identity verification, are legally recognized and acceptable. They can therefore be used as evidence in court, throughout the European Union.

Highest level of legal certainty

Kvalifikované elektronické certifikáty

With a qualifying certificate, you get the same level of certificate as on your ID card. A document signed with a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) or a Qualified Electronic Seal with Time Stamp has the same legal level as a notarised signature and cannot be rejected as evidence in court.

Mandate certificate

The highest form of legal certainty within electronic signatures. It serves as communication between the mandator and a natural person and between the mandator and a legal entity.

Mandátny certifikát ikona

Qualified electronic certificate for authentication

Autentifikačné elektronické certifikáty

A unique certificate for secure identity verification is a simple and fast tool to identify a person in the digital world. The authentication certificate is stored on a QSCD card that, when prompted, will provide access and verify the cardholder’s identity, providing a reliable mechanism for secure identification.

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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

Free Basic
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Free Basic
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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

*Certificates can also be purchased separately at an excellent price.

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Signing a loan application through a bank application, an electronic request to change an insurance company, an invoice delivered via e-mail. Digital documents and electronic communication are commonplace in various industries today. How is it that many things that in the past required personal contact can now be handled remotely? And are digital signing and electronic communication safe at all?
We consider the terms “improved electronic signature” and “advanced electronic signature” interchangeable and refer to the same thing, namely an advanced electronic signature that meets the requirements set forth in the European regulation eIDAS (Regulation No. 910/2014).
Simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures differ mainly in the legal certainty they offer. The higher the level of legal certainty, the more suitable a particular level of electronic signature is for securing transactions of higher value. Of course, there is also a difference in the process of verifying the identity of a person or entity when issuing a certificate for a given signature.

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