Enterprise solutions

Our Enterprise Solutions offering represents a wide range of electronic signature services. These services can be implemented directly in the customer’s environment or operated on our side. We are experts in creating, configuring, and refining these solutions to meet the exact requirements of our customers.

Who are enterprise solutions for?

Legal entities

For efficient and legally binding signing, increasing the speed and security of business transactions.

Public institutions

A reliable way to improve the efficiency of their internal processes and the provision of services to citizens with minimal bureaucracy.

NFQES Enterprise Web Signer

NFQES Enterprise Web Signer is an on-premise solution used to sign documents with an ID card or QSCD card.

The NFQES Enterprise Web Signer includes the products:

NFQES Enterprise Signer
NFQES Enterprise Viewer
NFQES Enterprise Validator


NFQES Enterprise Portal

Ikona zariadení

Similar to the NFQES SaaS Platform, the NFQES Enterprise Portal offers signing, including HSM, which is handled on-premise at the customer’s site.

Ikona zariadení

NFQES Enterprise PKI API

The NFQES Enterprise PKI API is a signature module that creates a certification request and stores the certificate via the NFQES SaaS API CertificateProvider. It is a signing component without a separate GUI that can be embedded into applications and enterprise architectures.

NFQES integration of electronic signiture

NFQES Enterprise Archive

NFQES Archív

NFQES Enterprise Archive is an on-premise solution for archiving documents with issued certificates. The solution includes HSM integration or QSCD card authentication. NFQES Enterprise Archive does not include a GUI, it uses any DMS system or a custom GUI is created.

NFQES Archív

NFQES Enterprise RemoteHSM

NFQES Enterprise RemoteHSM is a module that provides on-premise HSM virtualization for the NFQES Enterprise Portal/PKI API/Archive.

NFQES Enterprise RemoteHSM, like NFQES Enterprise PKI API, is used to integrate with the NFQES SaaS API VirtualHSM service. NFQES Enterprise RemoteHSM establishes a secure connection between the HSM in NFQES and the customer.


NFQES Enterprise mobile application

Ikona virtuálne certifikáty

The NFQES Enterprise mobile application is a custom-built on-premise mobile application that can be used for signing, two-factor authentication, and more.

Ikona virtuálne certifikáty

How to get the enterprise solutions?

Podpisovanie elektronickým podpisom

Do not hesitate to contact us!

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