Graphic signature

A graphic signature looks like a physical signature, it is a graphic representation of the signature on the signed document, which is signed with an electronic signature of the selected level. You can place the graphic signature in any place of your choice in the document. In NFQES, you have the option to create such a signature by uploading, scanning, generating, or you can draw it by hand. Thanks to the graphic signature, you will no longer have to print, physically sign, and then scan your documents, which will significantly reduce the cost of paper and toner and, above all, save your time.

What kinds of a graphic signature can i find in NFQES?

Generated graphic signature

A signature that is generated using different fonts and font sizes.

Uploaded graphic signature

Upload a document with a .png extension or a scan of a signature, which you can then edit.

Drawn graphic signature

A signature that you draw yourself using your mouse or finger.

Benefits of using graphic signature

Easy identification

It resembles a handwritten signature, easier identification of the signed person.


You do not need to scan a signature or print documents to sign a document.


Simple insertion of a graphic signature into a document.


Quickly add a graphic signature to a document.

Legal validity

In certain cases, a graphic signature is just as valid as a physical signature.


The graphic signature can be used in a wide range of industries.

Graphic signature in just a few clicks

What do you need to do to implement a graphic signature for free?

Postup podpísania digitálnym podpisom

Price list

The graphic signature in NFQES is completely FREE. Just register on zone nfqes.

Freqently asked questions

You just need to generate it, draw it, or upload a scan of the signature and the graphic signature is ready.

Yes, it is! The graphic signature is attached to a specific document to which it is added in a selected location, and a specific location can be selected for each document.

When signing, just click on the “View detail” button and then on the “Add graphic signature” button.

Unfortunately, you can add only one graphic signature to a document, because adding another signature would violate the integrity of the signed document.

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