Electronic signature

An electronic signature (ES) is information attached or otherwise logically connected to an electronic document signed in an online environment, with the help of which it is possible to identify the natural person who created the electronic signature. An electronic signature represents a basic level of authentication of a natural person, while it does not represent legal certainty and may not always provide strong evidence of the signer’s identity. A certificate for an electronic signature is required to use an electronic signature that is capable of electronically signing electronic documents. The issuer of such certificates for electronic signature is the certification authority, i.e., the company that charges customers fees for providing these services.

Where can i use electronic signature?

e-mail communication

E-mail communication

When sending e-mail messages, you can use an electronic signature to verify your identity and authenticate the e-mail. It helps prevent receiving fraudulent emails and ensures recipient verification.

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Personal documents

Personal On some websites and payment gateways, you can use an e-signature to sign various documents, such as consents to the processing of personal data or terms of use.

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Signing contract documents

Depending on the type of contract and the signatures required by law or the content of the document, it is possible to use an electronic signature for signing, which provides a basic level of authentication.

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Most agreements, requests, contracts, reports, or statements that do not require a high degree of certainty and security, and thus a qualified signature, can be signed with an e-signature.

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Advantages compared to handwritten signatures

Speed, simplicity, and efficiency

Electronic signature enables immediate signing of documents in an online environment, which reduces the time required to deliver paper documents and physically sign them.


Electronic signatures allow individuals from different places or even different countries to sign documents without the need for physical presence.

Security, reliability and irreversibility

Many electronic signature service platforms, such as NFQES, record and store evidence of transactions, which increases trustworthiness and ensures that the signature is not altered.

Management of documents

You can handle all activities related to signing documents easily, online and from one place.


Eliminating the need to print, scan and transport paper documents can ensure a reduction in administration and processing costs.


The use of e-signatures contributes to reducing the consumption of paper, reducing the ecological footprint, and saving space for document storage.

Graphic representation of signature levels

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How to use electronic signature in NFQES?

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In accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation

We are a trust service provider registered in the European Trusted List and our solutions are fully compliant with the European regulation 910/2014 on eIDAS. Certificates issued by our company meet strict data protection and identity verification requirements, are legally recognized and acceptable. They can therefore be used as evidence in court, throughout the European Union.

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Free Basic
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Free Basic
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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

*Certificates can also be purchased separately at an excellent price.

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Signing a loan application through a bank application, an electronic request to change an insurance company, an invoice delivered via e-mail. Digital documents and electronic communication are commonplace in various industries today. How is it that many things that in the past required personal contact can now be handled remotely? And are digital signing and electronic communication safe at all?
We consider the terms “improved electronic signature” and “advanced electronic signature” interchangeable and refer to the same thing, namely an advanced electronic signature that meets the requirements set forth in the European regulation eIDAS (Regulation No. 910/2014).
Simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures differ mainly in the legal certainty they offer. The higher the level of legal certainty, the more suitable a particular level of electronic signature is for securing transactions of higher value. Of course, there is also a difference in the process of verifying the identity of a person or entity when issuing a certificate for a given signature.

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