The qualified electronic timestamp is used for the qualified time verification of the document. Adding a timestamp to a document guarantees the verification of the document at the time it was added. This time data is legally verified and undeniable, as the time source is from the server of the certification authority – NFQES, which complies with eIDAS regulations. The timestamp prevents falsification of the document signing time.

Where can i use the timestamp?

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Benefits of qualified timestamp


Undeniability of time-signed documents within the EU. Clear evidence of the time the document was created, changed, or signed.


You only need to click one extra button to sign.


The highest level of legal certainty (notarized), is recognized and accepted by legal regulations and standards.


They can be used in a variety of industries and areas, from the legal system to business transactions, making them a versatile tool.

International validity

They are also valid in documents of an international nature in the EU.

Cost savings

Absence of printing costs and notarization of signature time.

How do i use the timestamp?

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