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Qualified certificates for website authentication are a key element in digital security, providing the highest level of trust for websites. This is an updated version of SSL. They are designed to ensure that website visitors are secure about the authenticity and security of the sites they interact with. With qualified certificates, organizations can build trust with their users and make sure that their online presence is reliable and trustworthy.

Who is a qualified website for?

Legal entities

With TLS, organizations increase their credibility with clients, suppliers and even end customers. Organizations show that security is not a foreign topic to them.

Public institutions

Websites of public institutions often cover key functions. It is critical that citizens and businesses alike know which site is certifiably authentic.


TLS provides a simple and inexpensive way to securely authorize websites maintained by private individuals.  

Comprehensive tool for all activities related to electronic signature

SEO and indexing

Google and other search engines care about the safety of their users and try to protect them from internet fraud. TLS and HTTPS are therefore one of the criteria for improving SEO and indexation. Currently, Google recommends TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3.


The vast majority of web browsers, operating systems and web servers are TLS compatible. So you can be sure that the widest possible audience of visitors can safely browse your site without any problems.


Qualified certificates enable encrypted communication between websites and their visitors. This prevents unauthorised access to sensitive information such as personal data, payment details or other confidential information.

Organisation authentication

With TLS, you can find information about the organization that operates the website. This information is verified and authenticated by a certificate authority, ensuring that visitors are assured that they are interacting with a genuine and verified organization.

Guarantee of

You can easily trace information about the organization and the certification authority that issued the certificate. This information is available to website visitors, allowing them to verify the authenticity and trustworthiness of the site.

Verification of up to 10 domains

Qualified certificates allow you to verify websites for multiple domains. This means that a single certificate can cover multiple different domains, making it easier to manage and reducing the cost of securing multiple websites.

How do I use TLS in NFQES?

To create a qualified certificate for website authentication, you need:

NFQES na všetky zariadenia

Price list

TLS can be purchased with any of our packages, which can be found in the price list:

Name 1 year Extension for 1 year Extension for 2 years
TLS certificate QWAC 50 € 45 € 80 €

The prices are without VAT.

NameTLS certificate QWAC
1 year40 €
Extension for 1 year45 €
Extension for 2 years80 €

 The prices are without VAT.

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