About us

NFQES is a SaaS product from certification authority Brain:IT. As one of the few companies in the region, we have met all the security and legislative conditions for inclusion in the List of Trusted EU Providers. Currently, the NFQES platform covers not only electronic signing itself, but also several related activities such as validation, archive, remote certificates, and many more. The platform also enables the use of all types and levels of electronic signatures in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU).

What did we focus on when developing the platform?


We have no compromises with safety. During the development of the NFQES platform, technologies using top security protocols that comply with all EU legislative requirements were used.


With NFQES, electronic signing becomes convenient like never before. You can find everything for electronic signing in one place. In addition, our platform is intuitive and easy to use. You no longer have to waste time with lengthy processes.

Legal binding

Your documents and contracts signed with our certificates are legally binding and fully valid. Regardless of whether it is business transactions, legal documents or other important documents, NFQES ensures that they are compliant with EU payment legislation.

Obtained certificates

Why does NFQES platform exist?

Our mission is to increase security, improve transparency and simplify digital communication for businesses and individuals alike. Thanks to a financially affordable solution that will make electronic signing available to everyone, we want to contribute to accelerating the digital transformation of the company.

NFQES platform - zone nfqes

What do we offer

SaaS Platform

SaaS A fast and simple solution for businesses of all sizes to integrate electronic signatures.

Enterprise On-Premise solutions

A simple tool for complex management of digital documents. Send messages, invoices, contracts and other documents directly with the option of signing.

Story of NFQES

The beginning

We started with a strong focus on remote signing solutions.

April 2021
Trusted service provider
We managed to get our place in the list of trusted service providers provided by the European Commission (EU Trusted List).
December 2021
We launched zone.nfqes.com - a user-friendly platform that allowed the use of qualified electronic signature as well as remote signing.
Expanding our horizons

We have extended our services to all types and levels of electronic signatures in compliance with eIDAS, making us a comprehensive solution for your digital and electronic signing needs.

Constant improvement

We continuously monitor legislation and user requirements and issue new versions within one to two months. If you found something that our platform can't do and you would like it, write to us on our contact form.

Why choose the NFQES platform?

Ikona enterprise riešenia NFQES


We maintain transparency in all our interactions, whether internal or external.

Ikona inovatívne riešenie KEP


We adhere to the highest quality standards with an emphasis on innovation and the latest technological trends.

ikona záruky autenticity a bezpečnosti


We design products that are easy to use for everyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. Be it individuals or multinational corporations.

Kvalifikovaná elektronická pečať


We protect sensitive data with levels of security clearances and strict adherence to international standards. The platform is designed so that customers can rely on it 100%.

Ikona certifikačnej autority KEP

Compliance with legislation

We are fully compliant with all legal standards, including eIDAS, ensuring that your digital transactions are secure and legally binding.

Verify identity in each Region

Our offices can be found in Žilina and Bratislava. We also have representatives in each region.

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Signing a loan application through a bank application, an electronic request to change an insurance company, an invoice delivered via e-mail. Digital documents and electronic communication are commonplace in various industries today. How is it that many things that in the past required personal contact can now be handled remotely? And are digital signing and electronic communication safe at all?
We consider the terms “improved electronic signature” and “advanced electronic signature” interchangeable and refer to the same thing, namely an advanced electronic signature that meets the requirements set forth in the European regulation eIDAS (Regulation No. 910/2014).
Simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures differ mainly in the legal certainty they offer. The higher the level of legal certainty, the more suitable a particular level of electronic signature is for securing transactions of higher value. Of course, there is also a difference in the process of verifying the identity of a person or entity when issuing a certificate for a given signature.

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