Qualified electronic seal

A qualified electronic seal (abbreviated as QES-S) is equivalent to a qualified electronic signature that meets the conditions defined in Act No. 272/2016 Coll. on trusted services and Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (eIDAS), which makes it possible to safely, reliably, and unambiguously determine the legal entity that created the signature. QES-S is issued exclusively to legal entities or OVM for the purpose of creating qualified electronic seals, which represent a substitute for a physical seal and handwritten signature of a legal entity. A qualified certificate for a qualified electronic seal is issued by a certification authority, i.e., a company that is a provider of trusted services according to the eIDAS regulation and is registered in the trusted list of providers. The use of a qualified electronic seal within the framework of electronic communication between companies or various public authorities, the commercial sector, and the state itself provides authenticity, integrity and non-repudiation, thanks to which it is possible to unambiguously verify the identity of a legal entity, prove the immutability of signed documents at the time of their signing, and the signed entity cannot claim that he did not make the signature.

Where can you use qualified electronic seal?

Ikona Právna ochrana Uchovania elektronických podpisov a pečatí


With the use of a qualified electronic seal, which provides the legal force of a handwritten signature and the seal of a legal entity, it is possible to sign all important and legally binding documents that require the highest level of security and authenticity.
Ikona komunikácia s vládou

Communication with the state and OVM

Using a qualified electronic seal, it is possible to communicate with several institutions and state bodies, such as with the tax office when sending declarations, applications, taxes, with the customs administration when submitting customs declarations, requests for information, with courts or by the commercial register when submitting proposals for registration.

Ikona dôveryhodnosti elektronického podpisu


The use of a qualified electronic seal also makes sense in communication between companies when signing contracts with customers, with partners, or signing purchase orders, as well as in the company’s internal processes when signing monthly statements, approving overtime, or bonuses.
Kvalifikovaný elektronický podpis

Replacing a handwritten signature

A qualified electronic seal replaces a handwritten signature and the seal of a legal entity, thus providing the highest security and legal force of a handwritten signature, based on which the seal can be used when signing various contracts, such as an insurance contract, an employment contract, a confidentiality agreement, or various invoices and much more.

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Benefits of qualified electronic seal


Qualified seals have the same legal validity as a physical signature and seal of a legal entity, ensuring that documents signed in this way are legally binding in the same way as hand- signed paper documents, thereby ensuring the authenticity and verification of the identity of the signatory.

Speed and efficiency of signing

Faster and more efficient processing of documents, as well as the possibility of signing several documents at once.


Documents can be signed from any location and device with internet access, which is very useful for remote or international communication.


Eliminating the need to print, store and send documents in paper form leads to significant savings in printing, postage, and archiving costs.

High level of security

The issuance of qualified certificates for the qualified seal is associated with secure means and processes of identity verification, ensuring their high security and credibility at the highest legal level.


They meet the standards described in the eIDAS Regulation, which is why they are accepted and recognized at the international level, facilitating international communication that requires the highest legal force.

How to get a qualified electronic seal

NFQES na všetky zariadenia

In accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation

eIDAS certifikácia
We are a trusted service provider registered in the European Trusted List and therefore our solutions are fully compliant with the European regulation No. 910/2014 on eIDASand we can issue qualified electronic certificates. Certificates issued by our company meet strict data protection and identity verification requirements, are legally recognized and acceptable. They can therefore be used as evidence in court, throughout the European Union.

Price list

Name1 yearExtension for 1 yearExtension for 2 years
QES-S – Qualified electronic seal20 €18 €32 €

 The prices are without VAT.

NameQES-S – Qualified electronic seal
1 year20 €
Extension for 1 year18 €
Extension for 2 years32 €

 The prices are without VAT.

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