Electronic seal

Electronic Seal (ES-S) is the equivalent of an electronic signature used to associate a legal entity with information related to an electronic document during its online signing by the legal entity. An electronic seal represents a basic level of authentication of a legal entity, while it does not constitute legal certainty and may not always provide strong proof of the signer’s identity. To sign electronic documents on behalf of a legal entity, a certificate for an electronic seal issued by a certification authority is required. The issuer of such certificates for an electronic seal is a certification authority, that is, a company that charges customers fees for providing these services.

Where can i use electronic seal?

Ikona dokumentov NFQES


Companies and organizations can use electronic seals to sign internal documents such as invoices, contracts, agreements, or statements that do not require strong legal validity or need to be shared with third parties.
Ikona mandátny certifikát


An electronic seal can be used to authenticate electronic documents or
messages within an organization, helping to provide evidence that the documents were created or
approved by an authorized person or department.

ikona pohodlie pri elektronickom podpise


It helps organizations reduce the administrative burden by facilitating the verification and approval of documents without the need for physical printing, manual signing, and simplifies and speeds up internal processes and communication.
Ikona inovatívne riešenie KEP


Electronic seals can be integrated into various software systems and applications, which can lead to increased automation of internal processes and relief from excessive administrative activities.

Benefits of using electronic seal


Among other things, an e-seal is used to verify the authenticity of electronic documents or messages, helping to ensure that the documents have not been altered and come from a reliable source.

Flexibility and ease of use

The electronic seal eliminates the need for physical printing and signing of documents by a legal entity, which simplifies and speeds up the administrative activity of signing documents online and reduces costs.

Remote collaboration and authentication

Allows to authenticate signed documents by a legal entity online, remotely and on any device, which is useful for remote collaboration.


For the needs of signing and sharing documents that do not require strong legal validity, the electronic seal can be used to sign various documents such as contracts, legal documents, declarations and the like.

Faster approval and transactions

The use of an e-seal enables faster approval of documents and conclusion of business transactions that do not require a qualified level, which can have a significant impact on the speed of business processes.

Mass signing

In some cases, such as in NFQES, it is possible to use an e-seal for mass signing, which is useful for organizations that need to sign many documents at once.

How to use electronic seal in nfqes?

NFQES v mobile

In accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation

We are a trust service provider registered in the European Trusted List and our solutions are fully compliant with the European regulation 910/2014 on eIDAS. Certificates issued by our company meet strict data protection and identity verification requirements, are legally recognized and acceptable. They can therefore be used as evidence in court, throughout the European Union.

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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

*Certificates can also be purchased separately at an excellent price.

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