Electronic signature for free

Experience the benefits of the NFQES platform with a free subscription. You will gain access to digital electronic signatures from the TOP Slovak certification authority. Do you often sign with your ID card? An NFQES subscription will help you sign more efficiently and keep track of every signature… Digitize your signature agenda today.

With a digital signature from NFQES, we can secure these for free



The digital signature ensures authentic identification of the sender and the content of the document, increases trust and security in electronic communications.



The digital signature ensures the integrity of the document and the integrity of the content, guarantees the confidentiality of electronic communications and transactions



Digital signature guarantees non-repudiation and trust in electronic transactions and communication.

Why should I try a free digital signature and subscription from NFQES?

Your clients and employees will quickly fall in love with the modern and secure signing of contracts with NFQES.

Ikona Časová pečiatka

Saving energy, time and money

NFQES electronic signature will allow you to complete all contracts comfortably, quickly and easily. Anytime and anywhere directly from your mobile.

Ikona NFQES bezpečnostného riešenia

Safety and security

As a certification authority issuing certificates within the entire EU, we are regularly audited. Thanks to this, you get the highest guarantee of electronic signing security.

Ikona dokumentov NFQES

Digital transformation

Gain a competitive edge with digitization. Don’t waste money on document archiving, printing, servicing, postal services, and outdated paper document processing.

Our certificates

What do I get for free?

ikona digitálneho podpisu - neobmedzene

Unlimited number of digital signatures

Ikona časovej pečiatky

50 timestamps

Ikona podpis občianskym preukazom

Unlimited number of ID card signatures

What if my free subscription isn't enough?

Not a problem. The NFQES platform is a comprehensive tool for digitizing signing. If you need to use simple, enhanced or qualified electronic signatures or seals, all are available in affordable subscription options. It is also possible to add specific services to your subscription for free. You will also get full access to to all the features of the platform.

Bezpečné digitálne riešenie eIDAS

Feel free to try it for free!

What does the NFQES platform offer?


Access to all types of electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS. Including certified qualified electronic signature.

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A quick, easy, and free way to verify that a delivered e-signature document has been signed by the relevant person or company.

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Electronic mailbox

A simple tool for complex management of digital documents. Send messages, invoices, contracts, and other documents directly with the option of signing.

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Do you want to know what you have signed in the last 3 years? Do you want to quickly find a contract? You can do it instantly with signing history.

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Time stamps

Do you need to notarize the time of signing a document? With a qualified time stamp, you can do it quickly and easily, even without a notary.

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Graphic signature

A tool to differentiate your documents and add more prestige to your e-signature.

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If you want your signature to continue to be valid, put the document in the archive and it will be re-signed every year, and its validity will be extended.

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Two-factor verification

With our solution, we have a two-factor verification system that will also verify you using an external device that is connected to your account.

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Certificates on the card

Have your certificate generated and stored on a physical QSCD card with which you sign on all websites that support electronic signing.

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Feel free to contact us, our specialists are ready to answer your questions.