Signature archive

The archive represents a new function of NFQES, it is a way of long-term storage of electronically signed documents, for which the validity period of the certificate will expire. By extending the validity of the certificate in the archive, a chain of signatures is created, which declares that the document has not been changed during the period of validity of the signature. The expected launch date of the NFQES archive is January 2024.

Archive as a trusted service

We are a trusted service provider registered in the European register of trusted service providers (European Trusted List) and our solutions are fully compliant with European regulation no. 910/2014 on eIDAS. As a result, we provide long-term archiving solutions.
eIDAS certifikácia

Validity period of the certificate

Digitalizácia dokumentov

If we sign the document electronically, its validity lasts only for the period of validity of the certificate that was used for signing. This is for security and legal certainty reasons. The electronic signature confirms that the document has not been changed. If there is any change to the document, the signature on the document itself will be marked as invalid. The validity of the certificate ensures that the given certificate has not been compromised. If we want to keep documents for a long time, it is necessary to use services for long-term archiving.

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