NFQES SaaS File Getway Services

It is an integration with the customer’s internal systems. The customer works in his system in which the document is created or travels in the workflow. When the document is ready to be signed, the document is sent to the NFQES SaaS via API.

Through the link, the user can navigate to the NFQES SaaS web or mobile application. The user can sign the document in the NFQES environment. The document is then returned to the system in which it was created. The user can continue his process uninterrupted.

Another use is B2B or B2C communication, where the document is sent from the system to the next party and NFQES acts as an intermediary. Through the API, the document reaches the NFQES SaaS with the partner information(email) and then continues through the workflow described in NFQES SaaS B2B & B2C.