NFQES Enterprise TimeStamp

A qualified time stamp provides verification of the time an electronic document was created or received. This verification ensures that the document has not been altered since creation or receipt. NFQES Enterprise Timestamp helpsorganizations ensure integrity and confidence in their electronic documents. Likewise, the use of such stamps enables organizations to achieve legal validity for electronic documents and records, with many industries having strict requirements for compliance with regulations and legal standards. It is the NFQES Enterprise Timestamp that can help organisations meet these requirements.

Implementing NFQES Enterprise Timestamp can lead to more efficient processes for an organization. Electronic documents with qualified timestamps can be quickly created, distributed and verified, helping to speed workflow and reduce administrative burdens. Likewise, a qualified time stamp provides independent proof of the time a document was created or received. This increases trust in documents and makes it easier for organizations to enforce their rights or protect themselves from authenticity disputes, all of which are addressed by the NFQES Enterprise Timestamp.