How to sign on the portal without a reader and ID card?

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Is it possible to sign with an electronic signature on the portal even without a card reader?

A qualified certificate and a signature application are required to create a qualified electronic signature, which can be used to sign documents on the portal. One of the options for storing a qualified certificate is an ID card. However, if the user does not want to sign using an ID card and a reader, the NFQES Virtual smart card service can be used. The signature application creates a qualified electronic signature using a remote certificate that is securely stored on the NFQES server. Therefore, the user does not need to have either a card reader or an ID card when signing.

What is NFQES Virtual smart card?

NFQES Virtual smart card is a service that provides the possibility of electronic signing without the need to connect a card reader or a hardware USB token. To use this service, it is necessary to have purchased a remote certificate.
Thanks to remote signing, it is possible to sign using a browser from anywhere with a mobile phone or other device connected to the Internet.

Ako použiť virtual smart card

What is the difference between an NFQES Virtual smart card and a remote certificate?

NFQES Virtual smart card is a free service that enables remote signing. To be able to use this service, it is necessary to have purchased a remote certificate from NFQES.

Video instructions – signing on the portal without a card reader

Before signing on the portal, you must:

The process for signing using a remote certificate on the portal is as follows:

  1. start the NFQES Web Signer application,
  2. choose NFQES Virtual Smart Card in the menu,
  3. log in with data from the zone and create a signature PIN,
  4. on the portal, fill in the details of the required service and choose SIGN,
  5. cancel the certificate filtering and select the required certificate,
  6. enter the created PIN and the code generated in the NFQES Qualified Authenticator application or via a hardware token.

For more information about QES signing options and NFQES service price list, visit the Qualified electronic signature page.

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