Electronic signature of a pdf document: How to do it?

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Electronic signing has several levels of security

An ordinary e-mail with the name of its sender can also be considered the simplest type of electronic signature. However, there are also other, higher forms of electronic signatures that provide a higher form of security, for example the so-called digital signature, the creation of which uses an electronic certificate.

The highest security level of the electronic signature is represented by the so-called a qualified electronic signature that has the same effect as a handwritten signature. If a timestamp is added to it, it has the force of an officially verified signature. In most cases, however, an advanced electronic signature is sufficient for signing, or even a simple electronic signature for values ​​of several tens of euros.

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…the legal effect of an electronic signature and its admissibility as evidence in court proceedings must not be rejected simply because it has an electronic form or does not meet the requirements of a qualified electronic signature?

Signing a pdf: Why is a scan of a signature not enough?</

In the Slovak environment, we often come across the situation that the company has a universal scan of the director’s signature and employees paste it into pdf files, for example into orders or other documents. It is true that the document is visually attractive, but its real legal value is practically non-existent. Such a signature will not stand up in any court proceedings.

NFQES: Free pdf signature

If you communicate with the authorities, you probably use the Slovensko.sk portal and its electronic mailbox with the function of electronic signature. For this purpose, you need an electronic identity card with relevant certificates, a card reader and application equipment.

In addition, there are also other, commercial portals on the Slovak market that provide you with more advanced functions when signing electronically. These include the NFQES platform provided by Brain:IT.

Through the NFQES service, you can create an electronic signature of a pdf document free of charge, provided that you only need to sign a few dozen documents. The platform allows you to use various methods of electronic signing:

#1 Signing with an ID card

Through the NFQES platform, you can sign a pdf document in the classic way using an ID card. You will use it to sign documents intended for various offices. In this way, you will create the highest level of signature, while you can also add a graphic signature, a time stamp and use it in the electronic mailbox.

#2 Online certificate signing

Online certificate electronic signature includes all levels of signatures, be it QES, advanced electronic signature, or any other electronic signature. With it, you confirm that you really signed the document with the appropriate signature.

For remote signing, you only need a remote certificate from a certification authority and a mobile phone or tablet. Signing takes place using two-factor authentication. In this way, you can sign with a qualified electronic signature even without a reader and card, in bulk and from a mobile phone.

#3 Digital signature

Although the digital signature represents the lowest level of electronic signature, it nevertheless guarantees the authenticity and inviolability of the pdf document at the time of signing. Its creation in the NFQES platform is subject to registration.

Electronic signature has several advantages

Electronic signing through the NFQES service will bring you many benefits compared to manual signing:

✔️ you don’t have to go anywhere – you can arrange everything from the comfort of your home,

✔️ signed documents are securely archived for the period of time you choose and access to them is easy and fast,

✔️ you can create a visually attractive graphic signature,

✔️ you can sign up to 100 documents at once through bulk signing,

✔️ in the platform, you add timestamps that guarantee the original of the document at a certain time.

Simply put, pdf electronic signature is clearly a convenient way of signing that allows you to send pdf documents quickly and reliably. Digitization of the agenda will save you time and contribute to optimizing costs and streamlining processes. In addition, it will increase legal certainty when working with documents, when communicating with authorities or business partners.

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