Advanced electronic seal

Advanced electronic seal (AdES-S) provides a higher level of authentication, security and is capable of electronically signing documents on behalf of a legal entity. It is the equivalent of an advanced electronic signature. The NFQES certification authority will provide you with a signature or seal certificate that will reliably confirm the electronic identity of your legal entity. The improved electronic seal from NFQES meets all the criteria of the eIDAS regulation. Increase legal certainty and trust in your company with such an improved electronic seal!

What can i use advanced electronic seal for?

Due to the level of legal certainty, the advanced electronic seal is suitable for:

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Documents issued by public authorities, such as certificates, licenses and permits, can be authenticated with an advanced electronic seal.

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Offers and invoices

The advanced electronic seal can be used in business dealings to verify offers, invoices and other business documents. This ensures the authenticity of the invoices and prevents their falsification and unauthorized changes.

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Signing service agreements

Companies providing various services such as IT services, cloud solutions, financial sector services and others can use the advanced electronic seal to sign agreements for the provision of these services, if they do not exclusively require a qualified level of signatures.

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In international business transactions, an advanced electronic seal can be used to authenticate business documents, contracts, or invoices.

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What are the benefits of signing with an advanced electronic seal?


The AdES-S helps to ensure the authenticity of electronic documents by verifying their origin and integrity, thus ensuring the prevention of unauthorized alteration and forgery of documents.

Higher level of legal validity

The process of creating an AdES-S is secured, controlled, and takes place online, which helps to protect documents from unauthorized access and modifications, unambiguous identification of the legal entity, which ensures a higher legal validity of the documents signed in this way.

Higher level of confidentiality

The AdES-S adds a higher level of security to the identification of the legal entity, thereby providing a higher level of trustworthiness to electronic documents signed with this seal, which increases the confidence of the signature itself.

Fast and efficient

With an AdES-S, it is possible to electronically sign many documents online at once, which are subject to higher legal requirements, which reduces time and costs.


The advanced electronic seal is often accepted and recognized internationally, making international correspondence easier and faster.


The AdES-S can be used in various industries and situations that require advanced legal certainty, such as law, banking, healthcare, public services, and the like.

How to use advanced electronic seal in nfqes?

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In accordance with the European eIDAS Regulation

We are a trust service provider registered in the European Trusted List and our solutions are fully compliant with the European regulation 910/2014 on eIDAS. Certificates issued by our company meet strict data protection and identity verification requirements, are legally recognized and acceptable. They can therefore be used as evidence in court, throughout the European Union.

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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

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We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

We will prepare a package according to your requirements and in addition you will get support for:

*Certificates can also be purchased separately at an excellent price.

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Signing a loan application through a bank application, an electronic request to change an insurance company, an invoice delivered via e-mail. Digital documents and electronic communication are commonplace in various industries today. How is it that many things that in the past required personal contact can now be handled remotely? And are digital signing and electronic communication safe at all?
We consider the terms “improved electronic signature” and “advanced electronic signature” interchangeable and refer to the same thing, namely an advanced electronic signature that meets the requirements set forth in the European regulation eIDAS (Regulation No. 910/2014).
Simple, advanced and qualified electronic signatures differ mainly in the legal certainty they offer. The higher the level of legal certainty, the more suitable a particular level of electronic signature is for securing transactions of higher value. Of course, there is also a difference in the process of verifying the identity of a person or entity when issuing a certificate for a given signature.

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