Qualified certificate for website authentication

Qualified website authentication certificates are designed to secure websites with the highest degree of trust. Qualified website authentication certificates ensure the trustworthiness of an organization’s websites for their visitors and are an important security attribute.
Qualified certificates for website authentication are provided by:

  • Website security
  • Verification of the organization for which the certificate was issued
  • Information about the organization and certification authority that issued the certificate
  • Verification of up to 10 domains

The certificate can be issued to a state organizational unit or legal entity that meets at least one of the following requirements:

  • According to the records in the commercial register or the records of the registration agency, has existed for at least three years,
  • Submit a confirmation from the financial institution under the supervision of the National Bank that it has a current account with it (active, unblocked),
  • Data can be verified in the publicly available up-to-date QTIS or QIIS register.