The electronic age – what can be done electronically?

Elektronická schránka

Have you heard of the electronic ID card (eID)? We firmly believe that you also own one. Everyone who has acquired an ID card since 2021 has also acquired the possibility of an electronic signature. At the same time, anyone who owns an eID can activate access to an electronic mailbox on the portal, […]

Electronic mailbox – what you should know

Electronic mailbox NFQES

The electronic mailbox is intended for electronic communication of citizens and companies  of the Slovak Republic. What do we mean by electronic communication? It is the delivery of electronic documents to the e-box and the sending of electronic submissions. You no longer have to constantly check whether the delivery notification with the opening hours of […]

Do you know if your company’s information is safe?

Bezpečné digitálne riešenie eIDAS

Cyber-attacks and their effects lead society to be more concerned about protecting the privacy of people and businesses. The developed countries of the world are no longer fighting bloody wars like they used to. Data has become the new oil, the new currency caused by the changing political and social environment. Therefore, do not be […]

Cyber ​​security

Kybernetická bezpečnosť

Many shopping centers have their own SBS-cars, who will take out a misbehaving customer or a dangerous person if necessary. Not only physical spaces need protection, but also internet ones (various clouds or sites). We call this protection cyber security. NFQES also offers services in this area, in the field of security. Positive impacts of […]